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Weekly Yoga Classes

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Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Chakra Balancing Workshop

The Chakras represent the energy centers of the body. We aim to harmonize them and keep them in balance. Balanced chakras contribute to overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our life experiences tend to cause disharmony of our chakras, but these workshops will promote down regulation of the nervous system, deep relaxation, and balance.


Join Dana in this workshop where she will use yin yoga, chanting, and visualization to support you in chakra balancing.


This workshop will focus on the heart, throat, and third eye chakras. It will be 75 minutes and the details are below:


This workshop will start with a short discussion about the chakras of the evening, the mantra, and the poses.


November 11th 7:00-8:30PM: Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Dana will use a yin posture that supports each chakra. During the holding of that pose the Bija Mantra for that chakra will be playing and she will guide you in a meditative visualization.


Investment: $35

BOW Community Members $25

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In Progress (10/21-6/22)